Engineering Marine Interior and Exterior Solutions Since 1904

UES Marine is a family-owned company with a passion for exploring ingenious seating design and marine solutions to serve the global market.

Our products are engineered to meet the challenges of individual comfort and wellbeing within the evolving modern marine space. We produce an extensive array of lightweight seating for all manner of marine environments and applications.

Since 1904 we have proudly designed, manufactured and supplied products in Australia and in 2007 UES Marine expanded to North America to serve and solve the needs of the US market. Today, UES Marine continues to grow into broader international markets, always seeking to provide our partners with premium outcomes for both operators and passengers alike.

Our dedicated in-house design and engineering team pursue outstanding performance, reviewing and embracing innovative process, advanced materials and new technologies.

Known in the industry for our collaborative work in commercial, military and residential sectors, we aim to provide enduring, quality and sustainable solutions that far exceed our customers’ expectations.

At UES Marine, we believe in integrity, respect, imagination and collaboration. These guiding principles are at the heart of who we are and what we do; they inspire us, motivate us and are at the centre of our vision for enduring success.